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November 1998 Edition

  • Don't Drink the Water at FISC Environmental Issues Stall Leases
  • Navy Ignores Outside Experts Remedial Investigation Still Flawed
  • Question Authority - Environmental Sampling Results Withheld from Public
  • Navy's Radiation Mishaps Get Recognition from Homer.
  • Wrong Stakeholders Benefit from Base Transition Housing Policies
  • Why Increase the Number of Owner Occupied Homes?
  • Alameda's Housing Statistics
  • Ad Hoc Home Ownership CommitteePolicy Recommendations

October 1998 Edition

  • Navy's Decision to Fence Estuary Park Ends Exposure versus Closure Debate
  • Navy Admits it is 16 Months Behind Schedule Three Years to Communicate Sampling Results
  • 1994 disposal of radioactive material at FISC Annex raises concerns about Cleanup
  • Renewed HOPE Fair Housing Coalition Opposes Catellus' proposed East Housing Demolition
  • Diversity Alliance Candidates Nights to focus on Environmental Racism in Base Reuse.

August 1998 Edition Special Estuary Park Edition

  • Estuary Park is unhealthy for children and other living things.
  • Carcinogen Concentration versus Risk Chart for Estuary Park
  • Polynuclear Aromatic Hydorcarbons and Benzo(a)pyrene Health Risks
  • List of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • What to do if you have been exposed
  • Estuary Park Soil Sample Location Map
  • Understanding Navy Environmental Information on Estuary Park
  • Question Authority

July 1998 Edition

  • Recreational Exposure to Marijuana Okay Report on Navy Drug testing at Alameda Point
  • End to Leasing Sought at Alameda Point Navy Fails to Communicate Toxic Hazards
  • News in Brief

May 1998 Edition

  • Cleanup Standards for Schools and Parks WECC to address NEJAC on Navy Cleanup
  • Estuary Park is a Toxic Waste Site IR Site 25 Announced at May RAB Meeting.
  • News in Brief

March 1998 Edition

  • 2 out of 3 Base Cleanup Team Members Prefer signs in Coast Guard Park
  • Technical Assistance for Public Participation, RAB jumps at chance for Second Opinion
  • News in Brief

February 1998 Edition

  • Forefront of Navy/Cal-EPA Dispute - Cleanup Decision for George Miller School
  • Milestone Remedial Investigation Report - Studies End, Is Cleanup Next or Not?
  • News in Brief

January 1998 Edition

  • Surprise! Most dangerous property at NAS is a Public Park
  • 1997 on the Western Front
  • News in Brief

The Environmental Justice Progress Report is the newsletter of West End Concerned Citizens (WECC). WECC has been monitoring the toxic cleanup planning process at the Alameda Point Naval Air Station (NAS) since 1995. Our community members have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of response to the public's concerns, the inadequate information provided to the public, and the lack of opportunities for the public to participate in the decision making process.

To receive a free copy of the this monthly report of for more information, please contact us at clearh2orev@toxicspot.com.

March 1, 1999