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1999 Archives


December 1999 Edition

  • Respiratory Protection required at Antiques-by-the-Bay
    Navy Cleanup Crews Don Moon-suits for Decontamination Work

  • Historical Marsh Crust Contamination not that Old
    Alternative "Crash and Burn" Hypothesis Implicates Navy

  • Risk Management Ineffective at Marina Village Housing
    No Longterm Protection to Residents, the Environment

  • Quote of the Month

  • Development Blinded City Hall's Bar Tab Sobering
    Cleanup Cost's for Leaking Tanks at Dale's Avoidable

  • Question Authority - "By what Authority?"

November 1999 Edition

  • Firefighters Sound Alarm about Toxic Hazards
    Notification to Every Alameda Point Employee is the Law

  • Cal-EPA Can't Find Toxic Waste Site
    Navy Hid Site beneath Housing Units

  • Leaking Radioactive Material Container and other Blunders
    For Second Straight Year Alameda Point Gets the Homer

  • Quotes of the Month

  • The Development Blinded Purchase Leaking Underground Tank Site
    Now set canes on Navy Superfund Site that is being given away

  • How Did the Navy Determine the Chemicals were Present?
    Site 25 Fact Sheet based more on Fiction than Fact

  • Question Authority - "Truth or Consequences?"

October 1999 Edition

  • Coast Guard Housing Units Uninhabitable
    Navy Schedules meeting with Residents

  • Water Board Threatens Enforcement Action
    Deadlines for Cleanup, Reporting, Tank Removal missed

  • Incompetent Environmental Studies to be Redrafted
    Cleanup Plans, Property Transfer Indefinitely Delayed

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Navy Cleanup a Threat to Drinking Water in Alameda
    Steam Injection Study Boils Water Lines

  • Stormwater Pollution Ads Target Residents
    City Agencies and Developers Source of Problems

  • Question Authority - "Why hasn't Superfund Status expidited cleanup?"

September 1999 Edition

  • Are cleanup plans for Five Toxic Waste Sites Imminent
    Don't Hold Your Breath, Actually Maybe You Should

  • Can'tellus Development Corp. reneges on RAB presentation
    Is FISC Warehouse site too polluted for housing?

  • Navy continues to ignore community concerns with EBS
    Senator Boxer reminds Navy the US is a democracy

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Dale's Bar/Railroad Property Sampled by City-
    Lack of Due Diligence Symptom of Development-blinded City

  • Institutional Control Monitoring
    Controls Ineffective Again and Again

  • Regional Water Quality Control Board Over-sight
    Bad for public safety, the Environment, Public Participation

  • Question Authority - Stay the Course - No back-door "petroleum exemption."

July-August 1999 Edition

  • Ground-breaking for Main Street Park - City might as well be Breaking Wind

  • Alameda Point Officially a Superfund Site - Final Rule Ignored Public Comments

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Coast Guard Families Getting Dirty - Home Gardeners work in toxic soils

  • Alameda remains Blind to Toxics Liability - Admissions in Reuse EIR may Bankrupt City

  • Removal Actions Proving Ineffective - Unsafe Cleanup Standards, No Public Notifications

  • Perform a Treatability Study at Alameda Point - See How Many Safety Laws You Can Break

  • Question Authority - At what income level are citizen's entitled to protection under federal and state toxic laws?

June 1999 Edition

  • EPA Cites Navy PCBs in Food Chain, Alameda Point Considered for Superfund

  • Is Coast Guard Housing Safe? Toxic Hot Spots in Play Areas

  • Quotes of the Month

  • City Digs Up Toxic Waste at Dog Park, Poor Site Controls Pollute Estuary

  • What's in your Backyard, Soil Sample Results from Backyards

  • Navy's Toxin Surveys Miss Toxic Hot Spot, Playground Built Amidst Toxic Wastes

  • Coast Guard Housing's Benzene Plume, Navy Model Unprotective of Indoor Air

  • Developers of Subsidized Luxury Housing Insult the Public at Forum

  • Question Authority - Imminent and Substantial Endangerment

May 1999 Edition

  • Navy's No Cleanup Plans Expensive, Public Works Project Picks Up Tab

  • Her Baloney Has a First Name it's A-N-T-I, Her Baloney Has a Second Name it's P-O-O-R

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Skate Boarders get Green Light, City "CLUELESS" on Toxics at Park Site

  • We Lack Information on Health Risks, They Lack Trust of People They Serve

  • Chemical Warfare or Urban Warrior? Depends on Where you Fish

  • In Between Multi-Cultural Festivals, EJPP Left Footproint on Toxic Cleanup

  • Question Authority - Stop the 25 Year Old Fuel Leak Already

March 1999 Edition

  • Practicing for the War on the Poor - Urban Warriors Attack West End Again

  • EPA Recommends Superfund Listing - Cleanup Delays, Estuary Park Cited

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Marsh Crust Feasibility Study - Where is the Remedial Investigation?

  • North Housing Backyards Sampled - Between Plume and Toxic Park

  • HAZWOPER Workers in the Sun - No Tan Lines at Alameda Point

  • Atlantic Ave. Route of Exposure - Toxics Driven to Residential Area

  • Philippine Bases among Worst of US Military Autrocities

  • Question Authority - Post Adequate Warning Signs

February 1999 Edition

  • Explosive find at Former Tour Site - EPA Okays Emergency Detonation

  • Sample Results Finally! Estuary Park Toxic Site

  • False Statements Made by US Navy Employees about Estuary Park

  • Tier One Risk Screen - Estuary Park Follow-up Sampling

  • Estuary Park Toxic Site Results Contradict "Marsh Crust" Theory"

  • Pee Wee Leaves Sacramento - Navy Agrees to Cleanup Standard

  • Federal Task Force Meets in S.F. - Gets More Than an Earfull

  • No Smoking within 50 Feet - Open Flames a Danger at Proposed Rec Center

  • Question Authority - Sample Coast Guard Housing Area

January 1999 Edition

  • Carcinogens Beneath Miller School and Coast Guard Housing

  • Contaminant Background Study Questions Superfund Liability

  • PAH Sample Results Withheld, Estuary Park Toxic Waste Site

  • PAH Ignorance Standards

  • State Picks Up Tab for PAH Cleanup in Alhambra

  • No Invitations to Potentially Responsible Party (PRP)

  • Woodstock Township's Industrial Pas

  • Unsafe Site Conditions Lead to Illegal Discharge into San Francisco Bay

  • Question Authority - Sample Off-site Groundwater

The Environmental Justice Progress Report is the newsletter of West End Concerned Citizens (WECC). WECC has been monitoring the toxic cleanup planning process at the Alameda Point Naval Air Station (NAS) since 1995. Our community members have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of response to the public's concerns, the inadequate information provided to the public, and the lack of opportunities for the public to participate in the decision making process.

To receive a free copy of the this monthly report of for more information, please contact us at clearh2orev@toxicspot.com.

June 1, 1999