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July 2001 Edition

  • Budget Shortfall for Alameda Point Superfund Work - 144 Million Dollars needed to meet 2009 Cleanup Date

  • SF Bay Guardian reports Alameda Point is "Hot Property" - Editor Encourages Local Officials to Resist Development Pressures

  • George Miller Elementary School Sampled for Toxins - Safety of School Still in Doubt

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Toxic Investigations and Development don't Mix - City of Alameda Relies on Outdated Information

  • Question Authority - "Why don't you try source removal before contaminant recovery?"

May 2001 Edition

  • Silent Spring at Alameda Point - Banned Pesticide found in Military Housing Areas

  • 50 Trees Planted at Contaminated Soccer Field - Did Volunteers Violate Superfund Laws? Spread Contamination?

  • Mature Fir Tree Deaths Potential Symptom of Contamination - Trees Felled at Suspected Parade Ground Dump Site

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Alameda Sailors Killed by Friendly Fumes

  • Question Authority - "Why are samples of the air inside military housing at Alameda Point not being collected right now?"

April 2001 Edition

  • Hollywood brings Lights, Camera, Pollution to Alameda Point - Warner Brother's Matrix 2 set Epitomizes Worst Environmental Practices

  • City's Daily Water Code Violations Continue at Alameda Point - Despite Previous Warnings, Fines, Its Dumping as Usual

  • Not Feasible to Comply with City's Marsh Crust Ordinance - Excavated Crust has Pancake Batter Consistency

  • Quotes of the Month

  • AP&T Illegally Disposes of Wastes at Base Again - Action Defies both Navy and Regulatory Agency Directives

  • Question Authority - "Why is the City of Alameda not capable of complying with environmental laws?"

March 2001 Edition

  • Audubon Trashes Landfill Study for Site 2 - Experts Question Conclusions about Public and Wildlife Safety

  • Clearwater Revival Company Gags Vocal Refuge Opponent - Polluter's Supplemental Environmental Project benefits Wildlife

  • Quote of the Month

  • Mercury, Radiation Contamination missed in Navy Notifications
    Over-sight at Building 66 Part of Scary Pattern

  • Question Authority - "Why has the Navy not been fined for storing PCB wastes in violation of State Hazardous Waste Laws?"

January 2001 Edition

  • Marina Village Family Housing a TSDF - Site Formerly Managed Hazardous Waste from Off-site facilities

  • Marina Village Family Housing a Look at the Future - Lawlessness led to Construction and Occupation of Residences

  • Councilmember's Appeal of Soccer Field Use Permit Not On Goal
    Planting Trees won't Address Contaminated Groundwater, Proposed Incinerator

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Enforcing the Law Unpopular at Region IX EPA - Arrest of Former NAS Alameda CO is the Moral Thing to Do.

  • Question Authority - "This is what you do to the legacy of John Muir and George Miller?"

The Environmental Justice Progress Report is the newsletter of West End Concerned Citizens (WECC). WECC has been monitoring the toxic cleanup planning process at the Alameda Point Naval Air Station (NAS) since 1995. Our community members have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of response to the public's concerns, the inadequate information provided to the public, and the lack of opportunities for the public to participate in the decision making process.

To receive a free copy of the this monthly report of for more information, please contact us at ejpp@toxicspot.com.

February 1, 2001