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December 2000 Edition

  • EPA lacks Resources to Evaluate 1993 Indoor Air Hazards - Housing Area Priority at Alameda Point Superfund Site

  • Proposed Schedule for Final Cleanup Decisions - At Least Five years to go at Alameda Point

  • Toxic Waste Site Investigation Results Questioned - Allegations of Navy Dumping Requires Investigation

  • Quotes of the Month

  • June's Proposed Plan for Marsh Crust/Groundwater Changed - Piecemeal Cleanup Approach Will Violate State Law

  • Question Authority - "When will the Navy come clean?"

November 2000 Edition

  • Navy Considers Six Incinerators for Alameda Point - Dioxin Emissions would Exceed Toxic Screening Levels

  • Alameda Point Tenants Not Paying Their Own Way - Asthmatics Health-Care Costs Subsidize City's Reuse Plan

  • Past Removal Actions for Soil and Sewer Lines Disasters - Navy, Contractors Violated Laws and the Public's Trust

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Time Critical Removal Action at Future Playground Site - Toxic Hot Spot at Existing Playground Left Behind

  • Question Authority - "When violations of Superfund laws occur in the West End, will the violators be prosecuted?"

September 2000 Edition

  • City Fined $21,400 for Polluting Public Park - Clearwater Revival Company Reported Violations

  • Negative Declaration not Available during Public Comment Period - Did Cal-EPA violate CEQA during Marsh Crust RAP/ROD?

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Four new Toxic Waste Sites "discovered" at Alameda Point - After 17 years of Investigations, Site Discoveries still out-pace Cleanup

  • Question Authority - "What is the future of environmental enforcement in the West End?"

August 2000 Edition

  • Federal Health Agency Releases Site Summary
    ATSDR to Investigate Eight Public Health Concerns in West End

  • Site 16 Boundaries Expanded Three Years after Community Request
    Navy, Regulators, GIS System overlook Significant Pesticide Contamination

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Question Authority - "Where is it?"

July 2000 Edition

  • Explanation of Marsh Crust Contamination a Fairy Tale
    Final Plan calls for No Cleanup of School, Housing Sites

  • Quotes of the Month

  • Question Authority - " Why does it take five years to complete a RAP/ROD that proposes no cleanup?"

June 2000 Edition

  • Dirty Transfer Symptom of Navy, Cal-EPA Failures
    FISC/Annex Cleanup Five Years Behind 1993 Schedule

  • Catellus Project EIR Approved by Council
    City, Catellus to Share Profits not Risks

  • Quotes of the Month

  • US Navy establishes Internet Site for Alameda Point
    Lack of Site Content Reflects Lack of Cleanup Activities

  • Question Authority - "How is that fair?"

April 2000 Edition

  • Catellus Retracts Testimony Following School Board Vote
    Benzene may be present at new Alameda School Site

  • City EIR Challenged by Renewed HOPE Lawsuit
    For Years City ignored Critics of Baseline Dates in EIR

  • Comments on East Housing Removal Action
    CERCLA Exempts Diggers from City Permit Requirement

  • RAB hears from Water Board on Leaking Tank Program
    Fuel Leaks at Alameda Point Exception to the Rule

  • Quote of the Month

  • RAB Passes Resolution Concerning Marsh Crust
    Board's Advise Ignored by City, State, Navy and EPA

  • Question Authority - "What about Community Acceptance?"

March 2000 Edition

  • Elementary School Destined for Toxic Waste Site
    Inappropriate Navy Property Proposed for Schools

  • Time Critical Removal Action at East Housing Removes Nothing
    Cal-EPA Interrupts Illegal Action Proposed by Navy

  • Risk Assessment Results for Catellus School Site
    Kindergarten is safe for a 156 Pound Child

  • Lessons to be Learned for Site 15 Removal Action
    Navy Firefighters Questioned Navy Double-Talk

  • Quote of the Month

  • Feds to evaluate public health impact of Navy Toxins
    Mixed Expectations for ATSDR Public Health Assessment

  • Question Authority - "Shouldn't Public Schools Be Childproof?"

February 2000 Edition

  • Navy to transfer Contaminated Land to City for Development
    FISC/Annex and East Housing first of the Proposed Dirty Transfers

  • City Council Passes Marsh Crust Ordinance
    City Law would Further Deteriorate Safety of Navy Cleanup

  • Residents of Daly City's Marsh Crust Have Chromosone Damage
    Midway Village contamination similar to Coast Guard Housing

  • East Housing Demolition, Principle Impact of Catellus Project
    Alternative looks at toxic free School Site, less Impacts

  • Quotes of the Month

  • City-owned Leaking Tank Site Goes Under
    Dale's Bar Example of Marsh Crust Ordinance Effectiveness

  • Inconsistent Rationale leads to Removal of Fence at Toxic Park Site
    Playground Equipment Hot Spots remain Accessible to Children

  • Question Authority - "Why should Alameda accept a Dirty Transfer?"

The Environmental Justice Progress Report is the newsletter of West End Concerned Citizens (WECC). WECC has been monitoring the toxic cleanup planning process at the Alameda Point Naval Air Station (NAS) since 1995. Our community members have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of response to the public's concerns, the inadequate information provided to the public, and the lack of opportunities for the public to participate in the decision making process.

To receive a free copy of the this monthly report of for more information, please contact us at clearh2orev@toxicspot.com.

October 20, 2000