Environmental Justice Progress Report

Volume 10, January 1998

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Surprise! Most dangerous property at NAS is a Public Park

1997 on the Western Front

News in Brief

Surprise! Most dangerous property at NAS is a Public Park

The Navy has released Environmental Baseline Surveys for 570 acres of Alameda Point property including most of the property east of the Main Gate. The Surveys are required by Federal Law to ensure that any property with toxic wastes are identified and cleaned up before the property is transferred to the City of Alameda.

The surveys included estimates of human health risks and the results are surprising. For the 131 land parcels that have been evaluated, the highest risk of cancer from exposure to soil contamination exists at Parcel 182, a public park in an off-base housing area currently occupied by Coast Guard families.

Since November 1994, the Navy has known that high levels of carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons are present in surface soils around the perimeter of the park in Parcel 182. The public park has remained in use by organized soccer and lacrosse teams. Currently, city workers are performing repair work on a buried sewer line near one of the sample locations.

Summary of Results from Navy's Environmental Baseline Surveys

1997 on the Western Front

Best of Battles Won

Battles Lost

News in Brief

Compromise - California Health Standards:

Health risk estimates for Parcel 182 demonstrate the disproportionate pollution burden that results from the Navy's proposed cleanup standard dispute with Cal-EPA. This is an environmental justice issue. The Navy has been ordered by their Commander-in-Chief to operate in a manner that does not create a disproportionate environmental burden on low-income and minority communities like the West End. Stop the dereliction of duty and comply with the order sailor!

RAB Sets 1998 Priorities by establishing Project Action Team

The RAB has established 1998 focus groups to concentrate on underground storage tank cleanup, radioactive material removal, lead paint, and hazardous waste facilities. The Remedial Investigation Report for Operable Unit No. 1 will also be the focus of a Project Action Team. Operable Unit No. 1 includes 12 of the toxic cleanup sites. The 60 day public comment period for Operable Unit No. 1 cleanup plans is expected to occur in June 1998.

Do the Math - Annual Budgets don't add up to 2006 Cleanup Goal

Restoration Advisory Board Members asked the Navy to do the math. Current year to year budgets don't add up to the Navy's cleanup cost expectations and a goal of being 90 percent complete with land pollution cleanup by 2006.

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