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Air Quality Impacts

The EIR identified two significant Air Quality impacts resulting from the project.

  • New traffic generated by the project would increase regional emissions beyond significance standards. This impact is considered unavoidable.

  • Construction-period activities would generate exhaust and fugitive particulate matter (including asbestos in demolition debris) emissions. These impacts are to be mitigated by following Bay Area Air Quality Managent District regulations and changing construction site work habits.
In January 2000, Renewed HOPE Housing Advocates, East Bay Housing Organizations, ARC Ecology and Clearwater Revival Co. submitted the following comments on the EIR, to the City of Alameda, on air quality impacts resulting from the Catellus Mixed-use Development.


Posey/Webster Tubes (Table IV.I-6, page 321)

The table does not show air quality in the Posey/Webster Tubes. Given the forecasts of recurring peak hour congestion, and the possibility of severe congestion in the Tubes caused by any nearby accident in Oakland, Alameda or Ala-880, CO forecasts for the Tubes should be provided. Assuming the ventilation system will remove a great deal of CO, are there sensitive receptors near the exhaust vents for the Tubes?

Additional information Required: Provide data on air quality in the tubes and in vicinity of exhaust vents. Identify sensitive receptors.

BAAQMD Standards (p. 199)

The EIR references the Bay Area Air Quality Rules and Regulations concerning asbestos impacts to air quality. Additional and appropriate BAAQMD regulations were not referenced. This includes BAAQMD Regulations 1 and 6 concerning limits on visible emissions (e.g. dust and particulate) that may cause a nuisance condition, and Regulation 8, Rule 40, concerning the excavation of soils contaminated with volatile organic compounds.

Correction Required: Include references to additional regulations.

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